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About Us

The Story of Why Viral Became a Financial Advisor:

Viral Shah MD FACP CFP® EA trained as an Internal Medicine physician at the Henry Ford Hospital, in Michigan. After graduation, he started working as a hospitalist.

In the first year after graduation, Viral and his wife (also a physician) met with a person who called himself a financial advisor. He worked for a national firm. He was a charming man. He created a comprehensive financial plan for Viral and his wife. Viral read through a 50 page long disclosure statement and realized that this person was a salesman rather than a financial advisor. Viral ended up not following the recommendations contained in that plan. It was a valuable lesson, that cost a significant amount of money.

Later, Viral found out that those who call themselves financial planners or financial advisors generally fall into one of the two categories. These categories are technically termed - Registered Investment Advisor (RIA) and Representative of the Broker-Dealer (B/D).

A Registered Investment Advisor has fiduciary duty towards his clients and must look out for best interest of his clients. A Broker-Dealer does not have to look for the best interest of his clients.

This experience inspired Viral to study finance, and work as the a registered investment advisor to help other consumers get objective advice.

Is Viral Qualified To Give Financial Advice?

Viral is a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™. That means he studied at a CFP Board registered program, pass an exam (FYI: the pass rate is usually 60% for first time takers), and has a minimum of  three years of experience in advising clients in personal financial matters.

Viral is registered with the State of Washington as a Registered Investment Advisor since 2010.

Viral passed three exams to become an Enrolled Agent (EA) and is authorized to practice before the Internal Revenue Service. He can give tax advice to his clients.