Viral writes a column in the Washington State Medical Association's newsletter - WSMA Reports.

Some of his columns can be found on this page.

1. What to do with a 401k when your job changes?

In this article, Viral discusses whether one should keep the 401k plan with previous employer or move it to a new employer or rollover to a personal IRA. You can read it here.

2. How good an investment is Gold?

The Gold Fever is upon us. Salesperson on TV tout it as the best investment ever. Is gold a good investment? Viral explains in this article what gold really is and its value as an investment. You can read the full article here.

3. When your best advice falls on deaf ears.

A physician advises her patients daily to quit smoking, and foster healthy habits. Not many patients follow, despite the knowledge that the physician's advise is in patient's best interest. Why is there so much resistance? How can one overcome it? Read Viral's take on it here.

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